Business Consultancy & Digital Marketing Franchise

$330,000 Services Perth, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory, South Australia, New Zealand

With this franchise you will be delivering real measurable results for clients with potential for significant income and repeat business from your satisfied clients.

Highlights Of What You’ll Discover In The Franchise Opportunity Guide
* A growing and dynamic global brand.
* Receive a constant flow of clients from our leads generation services.
* Work with clients locally, nationally and internationally.
* Residual earnings with potential for 6 – 7 figure income.
* No technical expertise required.
* Fulfilment of digital services & products done for you.
* Proven suite of marketing & business growth solutions.
* 100% Money Back Guarantee.
* World-class fast-track training and full support from a dedicated support team.
* Turnkey business with all the tools, templates and resources.
* Huge and hungry market… Work from anywhere.
* Competition busting state-of-the-art technology.
* First to market with ‘No Win – No Fee’ client guarantee.
* Powerful, innovative products and services.
* A vast library of tools, resources and templates
* A business that can attain significant value for a later sale.

You will be trained to provide radical solutions to the biggest challenge faced by businesses today: Getting more customers!

You will discover how to do this by deploying the tools, templates and techniques of our time tested, step-by-step business growth system.

The system guides you in:
* Selecting and qualifying prospective clients.
* From the templates, create a success plan that guarantees to meet those goals.
* Consult and implement by providing the latest and most powerful solutions to exceed the clients expectations.

Your training arms and empowers you with the training, techniques, systems, knowhow and backup to work confidently with your clients and build a lucrative business for yourself.

You will focus on what businesses really want.
It isn’t new technology, better products, coaching, training, administration or any other such function or service.

No. When it gets down to the nitty-gritty fundamentals, nothing is more important to a business than making money. Plain and simple. That’s the reason they are in business and as such they are forever seeking ways to make more revenue faster and easier.

It’s the Holy Grail of business. If you can help businesses achieve this goal then most of their other
problems and challenges fall into insignificance and you are hailed as the superhero, their trusted adviser and the go to person.

Rapid Business Growth
You business consulting & marketing agency will provide businesses with cutting edge online and offline processes and platforms that are scalable and rapidly deliver a continual stream of qualified leads, enquiries and sales that generate more money.

Our Founding Principles
The principles of marketing are universal. That’s because human nature is constant, consistent and for the most part, predictable.

Even before the advent of the internet and modern media, the rules and fundamentals of marketing were well-known and understood. Except for the variables of language, culture, products, industry and market, those fundamentals are the same throughout the world.

That is why these unique solutions and services work anywhere and why the market is so huge and the opportunities so breathtaking.

Consulting, Services & Deal Making
Not only can you earn recurring fees from consulting but also from our proprietary products & services and from the magic of deal making.

Utilising our proven deal making processes can provide you with additional contingency & success fees – based upon a percentage of the profits you make for your clients.

Plus, you’ll learn the simple but hugely powerful deal making ‘value approach’ to negotiating shares (at no cost to you) in your clients businesses. This is a time-tested capital creation method that places you firmly on the road to generating real wealth by providing indispensable value to your clients.

There are 5 Master Franchises available:
1 – New South Wales & ACT
2 – Victoria & Tasmania
3 – Queensland & Northern Territory
4 – Western Australia & South Australia
5 – New Zealand

Available throughout Australia and New Zealand

Individual Franchises start from only $27,496+GST and Master Franchises from $330,000+GST
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